Former Coast Guard Property

June 23 2021 - City Council Special Study Session

Preliminary Application

Staff Report

PowerPoint Presentation

GSA Auction Process (October 2020 - March 2021)


The General Services Administration (GSA) is in the process of conducting an auction of the Coast Guard Property, located off East Olivera Road. Documents, including those necessary to set up an account to register to bid, are located at the following link:   The Concord Villages Website, including video, virtual tours of sample units, pictures, and the Invitation for Bids is located through the following link:


A Coast Guard property summary including General Plan and Zoning information, background, steps necessary toward development, and additional information for potential interested parties has been prepared by the City, along with relevant attachments, which are available below:

Summary: Coast Guard Property Summary

Attachment A: Coast Guard Housing Utilities - ARUP Memo, dated May 5, 2020. 

Attachment B: Location Map

Attachment C: CNWS Oil Pipeline Easement Status and Development Constraints – ARUP Memo, dated November 8, 2017. 

Attachment D: Area Plan Diagram (2012). 

Attachment E: Concord Reuse Project Area Plan Book One (2012); Link:

Attachment F: CRP Specific Plan – Admin. Draft Specific Plan Coast Guard excerpt, pgs. 62-63

Attachment G: CRP Specific Plan diagrams: Circulation and Mobility

Attachment H: City Offer, Dec. 2019

Attachment I: GSA Response Letter, Jan. 2020

CCWD Guidance and Conceptual Requirements for water service infrastructure

City Engineering Memo, dated Nov. 3, 2020