Daily Schedule and Activities

At our preschool, we believe in providing a well-rounded experience that nurtures your child's social and developmental growth. Each day is filled with engaging activities designed to promote learning and fun. Here's a glimpse of our daily schedule:

Exploration Time: We begin our day by giving children the freedom to explore and develop their social skills. They will have the opportunity to participate in small group activities that encourage individual attention throughout the class.

Circle Time: During this interactive session, children will share their thoughts and ideas with their friends. They will also learn important skills like taking turns and following routines. Our teachers will engage them in singing songs, playing music, reading books, and discussing the days of the week and weather. This helps promote gross motor skills, coordination, and rhythm.   

Craft/Project: These activities focus on expanding your child's creativity and enhancing their coordination and fine motor skills. It encourages self-expression and helps them socialize with their peers.

Outdoor Play: Spending time outside allows children to explore nature and engage their senses. They will have fun while building and developing their large motor skills through various outdoor activities.

Snack Time: Our snack time not only provides children with nourishment, but also encourages them to interact with their peers. They can use their senses to explore different tastes, textures, and smells while fostering their independence.

Organized Free Play/Manipulative Areas: This time is dedicated to fostering creativity and imagination. Children will have the chance to interact with their surroundings, play with manipulative toys, and explore the world around them.

We believe that this daily schedule provides a well-balanced and enriching experience for your young learner. It promotes all developmental domains while ensuring a fun and engaging learning environment through play-based programming.

smiling water table
kids riding bikes