Daily Schedule and Activities

Our typical day begins with the freedom to explore and build on social development. We also gather in small groups for activities that provide the opportunity for individual attention. These group activities include:

Circle Time: allows children to share thoughts and ideas with friends, practice taking turns, and practice routines. Music helps promote gross motor skills, coordination and rhythm.    

Craft/Project: expands children’s creativity and improves their coordination and fine motor skills. Additionally, project time encourages self-expression and helps with socializing. 

Outdoor Play: allows the children to get fresh air, explore nature, and stimulate their senses through hear, touch, see and feel. Children build and develop their large motor skills while playing outside.

Snack Time: gives them the opportunity to engage with their peers, use their senses and encourages independence. Parents are required to provide snacks for the entire class once a month.

Organized Free Play/Manipulative Area: encourages children to use creativity and develop their imagination.  Children will interact with and explore the world around them.