How do I report a traffic hazard or complaint?

Any traffic complaint that involves a life-threatening situation such as a road rage incident can be made by calling 911. Other traffic complaints may include but are not limited to speeders in your neighborhood, abandoned vehicles on the street, junk vehicles on private property, and parking violation complaints. These types of complaints can be reported by using one of the following options.

Via email:

  • Email the police department.
  • In your email Subject, please list the type of complaint (abandoned, junk, nuisance, etc).
  • In the narrative, please list the description and license plate of the vehicle, date or time-period of the complaint, synopsis of the problem, and your contact information (name/address/phone- optional).
  • The Community Service Officer in charge of the Traffic, Parking and Vehicle Abatement unit will handle all emails.

In person:

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