When can I arrive, and where do I check in?

Arrival & Checking In

You can check in at camp and receive your cabin assignment after 3 p.m. on your first day of camp. Early check-ins usually cannot be accommodated; we ask that you plan your trip to camp appropriately. Once you arrive at camp, please check in at the Camp Office. The Camp Office is the first building on your right when you drive in to camp; you will see a gate and signage. Pull into the loop, and camp staff will help you from there.

We will welcome you, give you a schedule, show you around camp and help you to your cabin. You will need your confirmation receipt, sign a liability waiver and a provide $5 key deposit (cash or check only) at the time of check in. Our hospitality staff will take you on a tour, assist you to your cabin, show you where to park and are available to help unload your car.

Special Requests

If you have any birthdays, anniversaries, or any special requests please make sure to let the hospitality staff aware at check in. We will do our best to meet your special needs. Make sure to fill out a Family Health form which provides camp staff with information such as dietary restrictions and needs prior to your arrival. Camp Staff will double check with you when you check in to make sure we have the correction information.

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