Do you plan activities for adults?

Tuesday Nights we offer a “Night on the Town,” with a shuttle service to the Casino’s. Ask the camp staff about departure and pick-up times. Child watch is provided (free) for our younger campers - just make sure to sign them up in advance.

During Kids Hours, adults can:

  • Hike
  • Play volleyball, Frisbee golf or ping pong
  • Create something in arts and crafts
  • Read
  • Relax
  • Enjoy the beautiful camp environment
  • Get that shower in free of kids

From the Camp Office, you can get directions and information on the many hikes and bike trails, so you can explore the beautiful area surrounding the camp. There is also visitor’s center just down the road with information on other natural areas nearby. Be sure to read our daily Camp Caller Newsletter found on your table, and listen for other announcements at mealtimes for an update on activities.

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1. Do I have to be a Concord Resident to attend Camp Concord?
2. When can I arrive, and where do I check in?
3. What are the accommodations like?
4. Do you have restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities?
5. What time do we eat?
6. When is the Dining Hall open?
7. What is the Green Room?
8. When is Quiet Time?
9. What activities will be offered?
10. What are Kids Hours?
11. Do you have Activities for Preteens/Teens?
12. What is the Nature Ranger Program?
13. Where is the Camp Store and Office?
14. Do you plan activities for adults?
15. What are Social Hours?
16. Where is the Family Camp Fire Pit?
17. Is there a fireplace in the Dining Hall?
18. How can we help maintain this beautiful forest?
19. What is the Friends of Camp Concord?
20. Do you recycle at camp?
21. Is there any way for us to show gratitude to the staff and support Camp Concord?
22. Where is the Lost and Found?
23. What time do we need to leave camp?
24. What are the directions to Camp Concord?
25. What is your Pet Policy?