What areas or spaces does the ban cover?

The ban on smoking in and around multiunit developments applies to the interior areas of housing units, as well as private exclusive-use unenclosed space (e.g. patios, balconies, decks, or porches, etc.). However, designated outdoor smoking areas based on specific criteria may be permitted.

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1. When does the ban go into effect?
2. What qualifies as a multiunit residence?
3. What types of residences are not subjected to the ordinance?
4. I live in multiunit housing. Where can I smoke?
5. What areas or spaces does the ban cover?
6. How does the ban work?
7. What should I do if smoking is occurring at my multiunit residence in violation of the ordinance?
8. What type of substances and devices do the regulations cover?
9. What are the notification requirements for landlords and HOAs?
10. What are the required lease provisions?
11. What are the posting and signage requirements for landlords/HOAs?
12. What if a property does not have signage?
13. Who should I contact if I still have questions?