What happens after graffiti is reported?

City workers will contact and inform property owners, in person, of our Anti-Graffiti Program by handing out packets containing the City's graffiti brochure, an informational letter, and a Graffiti Waiver form. In order for City workers to perform graffiti removal on private property under this program, it is necessary that the property owner sign the waiver form. If the property owner elects to perform the graffiti removal and has not done so within a reasonable period of time, a letter of notification will be sent to the property owner requesting the graffiti be removed within 10 days.

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1. What is the Anti-Graffiti Program?
2. Who participates in this program?
3. Who is responsible for removing the graffiti?
4. Why should I remove the graffiti? I did not put the graffiti there.
5. How can I assist in the clean up of the City?
6. What happens after graffiti is reported?
7. How can I keep Concord graffiti free?
8. Is graffiti a Municipal Code Violation and against the Law?