How can I keep Concord graffiti free?
  • Remove graffiti from your property immediately.
  • Plant shrubs or vines in areas that have graffiti problems.
  • Report graffiti offenders to the Concord Police Department at (925) 671-3333. Graffiti vandalism is a misdemeanor offense. If apprehended, violators will be prosecuted.
  • Report graffiti to appropriate agencies.

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1. What is the Anti-Graffiti Program?
2. Who participates in this program?
3. Who is responsible for removing the graffiti?
4. Why should I remove the graffiti? I did not put the graffiti there.
5. How can I assist in the clean up of the City?
6. What happens after graffiti is reported?
7. How can I keep Concord graffiti free?
8. Is graffiti a Municipal Code Violation and against the Law?