What is the Friends of Camp Concord?

The Friends of Camp Concord is a non-profit group established by former Family Campers and staff, with the goal of providing scholarships for children and families to attend camp and to help provide facility improvements and new equipment.

Twice a year, the Friends of Camp Concord sponsors Work Weekends. During these times we are actively looking for volunteers to help us maintain the beautiful facilities and forest. Over these weekends we have a variety of jobs to accomplish and people of all skill levels are welcome. In return for your time and effort we will provide you with a cabin, meals and more opportunities to build friendships. If you are interested in helping please inquire in the Camp Office about this year’s Work Weekend dates. Work Weekend volunteers also automatically become members of the Friends of Camp Concord and are entitled to early registration and choice of cabin at camp.

More information on the Friends of Camp Concord can be found on our Friends of Camp Concord page or by asking any Camp staff member.

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6. When is the Dining Hall open?
7. What is the Green Room?
8. When is Quiet Time?
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15. What are Social Hours?
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17. Is there a fireplace in the Dining Hall?
18. How can we help maintain this beautiful forest?
19. What is the Friends of Camp Concord?
20. Do you recycle at camp?
21. Is there any way for us to show gratitude to the staff and support Camp Concord?
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23. What time do we need to leave camp?
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25. What is your Pet Policy?