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Inspection Request Form

  2. Inspection Date*
    All inspection requests are scheduled for the next business day. For example, a request up to 11:59pm on Thursday will be scheduled for Friday. A request any time Friday through 11:59pm Sunday will be scheduled for Monday. Holidays are treated the same as a weekend day.
  3. Inspection Delays*
  4. Permit Card and Contractor*
  5. Permit Drawings*
  6. Inspection Work*
  7. Please enter the Building Permit number for the project you are requesting an inspection for. Only enter main permit number beginning with "B", NOT revision permit numbers beginning with "BR".

  8. Please provide the project address for which you are requesting an inspection. Only the address number and street name are required.
  9. Inspection Type*

    Select all inspections that you would like to have scheduled as part of this inspection. Please note, all work for requested inspection types must be completed prior to inspection.

  10. If you selected the "OTHER" inspection type above, please specify which type of inspection you are requesting.
  11. Please enter a contact phone number for the person that will be present during the requested inspection.
  12. Please enter your first and last name.

    The auto-generated email you will receive after submitting this form is only a confirmation your request has been received. After 8 a.m. on the day of inspection you can confirm your inspection and AM or PM time window by visiting and clicking on the "View Today's Building Inspection Schedule" button.

    If you need to cancel an inspection please email and specify the day and permit number you are canceling the inspection for. If you want a new inspection on a different day you need to reschedule a separate inspection online through the standard inspection scheduling process.

  14. The City strives to offer next-day-inspections but they are not guaranteed. You will be notified if your inspection needs to be rescheduled.
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