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Concord Facilities Rental Inquiry

  1. Email is preferred so we can give you alternatives and additional information.

    Below are the 3 facilities available for event rentals. There are different rooms that can accommodate 20-400 persons. Please select your 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice. If you only wish to have your event at one location, then just fill in "1st choice" for that facility.

  3. Please provide 3 different dates and/or day & Month (Ex. Any Saturday in May).

  4. Rental time must include setup and cleanup time. 

  5. Will alcohol be present at your event?*

    $85 fee for an Alcohol Use Permit and security will be required. Alcohol is not allowed at youth events.

  6. How will you insure this event?*

    Liability Insurance is required for all events.

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