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Toyota Pavilion at Concord

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  1. Parking
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Toyota Pavilion at Concord is an amphitheater located in Concord, California, which is owned by the City of Concord and operated by Live Nation. The Pavilion’s main stage has a 12,500-person capacity, and there are additional smaller areas within the venue that may also be reserved for use by community-based organizations.


The Toyota Pavilion at Concord has approximately 8,000 parking stalls.

Range of Use

The Toyota Pavilion at Concord is a versatile venue that allows for a wide range of uses. Past events at the Toyota Pavilion at Concord include:

  • Corporate trainings
  • Fitness-oriented competitions
  • Small-scale standup comedy shows
  • Wedding
  • High school graduations
  • Other community-based events


  1. Daniel C. Helix Terrace

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  2. Garden Terrace

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  3. Main Stage

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  4. Marquee Room

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